Towards Safer Drug Treatment
and Enhanced Patient Empowerment


With improved drug safety, better treatment outcomes, and increased citizen empowerment as overarching objectives of SafePolyMed, the team sets out to foster a strong collaborative network of patient organisations on the European and national level by creating a patient engagement hub safeguarding the involvement of relevant patient communities in the project.

The hub will provide a forum to jointly develop safety outcome reports as well as conceive and implement a training curriculum to help patients improve their understanding of complex drug therapies and empower them to take on a more active role in managing their own treatments.

In this endeavour, SafePolyMed builds on the expertise and already existing connections of all partners, LeukaNET and Gospodar zdravja in particular. While the patient advocacy organisation LeukaNET has an excellent network of all relevant European patient representative organisations, Gospodar zdravja is the creator behind the healthcare platform “HealthLord” which connects patients and different healthcare providers. Together with all partners, the SafePolyMed team strives to build a network that helps rethink and shape a more citizen-centered healthcare management.