Towards Safer Drug Treatment
and Enhanced Patient Empowerment

About us

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are a major burden to our healthcare and economic systems. In Europe alone, approximately 197,000 annual deaths can be attributed to ADRs. The regular use of five or more medications at the same time (polypharmacy), the coexistence of two or more long-term medical conditions or diseases (comorbidity), and genetic diversity have a significant effect on drug efficacy and consequently, raise the incidence and severity of ADRs.

Aiming to increase overall drug treatment safety, the international team of the EU research project SafePolyMed seeks to provide physicians and pharmacists with innovative tools to define, assess and manage drug interactions, especially the so-called drug-drug-gene interactions (DDGIs).

Overall, the envisioned tools will not only empower healthcare providers but will also educate patients and citizens on how to adequately and safely manage their drug treatments.

Watch the SafePolyMed video below to learn more.

Citizen empowerment&Safety improvement++=

Thorsten Lehr

Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at Saarland University, Germany & SafePolyMed Project Coordinator

Within SafePolyMed, we will use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to analyse large real-world datasets gathering and integrating genomic information, demographic data, current and chronic health conditions, and medication-related details of individual patients to gain a better understanding of individual patients’ risk for poor treatment outcomes and guide more personalised therapy decisions.

01 June 2022 start date
42 month of duration
5.6 Mio € Budget
12 partners from 6 countries