Towards Safer Drug Treatment
and Enhanced Patient Empowerment

General information about Gospodar zdravja

Gospodar zdravja is the first and the leading provider of innovative mobile healthcare solutions in Slovenia focusing on patient empowerment, quality e-cooperation between patients & healthcare providers and increased efficacy of health services. The company integrates know-how of the newest information and communication technologies, healthcare management, medicine and pharmacy.

Gospodar zdravja promotes the patient as the owner and manager of his/her data and as the one who is primarily responsible for its own health. It has developed professional healthcare platform built on the newest information communication technologies enabling high capacity and flexibility thus enabling smooth and smart connection between different stakeholders in the healthcare and efficient document management. Gospodar zdravja enables patient empowerment and adherence, as well as teamwork and cooperation between all stakeholders. The solutions promise the biggest impact on the healthcare systems from perspective of quality, time and economic efficiency.

Role within SafePolyMed

The main role of Gospodar zdravja in the SafePolyMed project is to develop interfaces/interoperability of different ICT/AI tools and clinical ICT support systems. Moreover, Gospodar zdravja aims to ensure ICT solutions for the pilot clinical trial during the project.

Main contacts

Photo of Gorazd Hladnik
Gorazd Hladnik

Business development manager

Photo of Lidija Gerzej
Lidija Gerzej

Medical manager

Photo of Davorin Gec
Davorin Gec