Towards Safer Drug Treatment
and Enhanced Patient Empowerment

Saarland University

Saarland University is located in the south-west of Germany in Saarbrücken (Saarland) and is distinguished by close ties to France and by its strong European focus. The department of Clinical Pharmacy lead by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lehr applies state-of-the-art pharmacometric approaches, e.g., in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular diseases, oncology and infectious diseases. One of the major research areas of the group is the prediction of drug-drug and drug-gene interactions using physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling.

Role within SafePolyMed

As the project coordinator of SafePolyMed, Saarland University is responsible for WP6 “Project Management and Scientific Coordination”. Moreover, as the leader of the scientific WP4 “Model-Based Precision Dosing”, Saarland University will develop drug-drug-gene interaction models that will serve as basis for the web-based decision support system to support individualized pharmacotherapy.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lehr
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lehr

Team Leader USAAR

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Fatima Marok


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Laura Fuhr


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Denise Feick