Towards Safer Drug Treatment
and Enhanced Patient Empowerment

University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana (UL) with its 23 faculties and 3 arts academies is the largest educational and scientific institution in Slovenia. The UL Faculty of Medicine (UL MF) provides higher education and research in the fields of medicine, dental medicine and biomedicine. The Pharmacogenetics Laboratory (PGxLab), led by prof. Vita Dolžan, is one of the core groups of the UL MF’s Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics and focuses on research of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of disease and response to treatment. By developing appropriate clinical-pharmacogenetics models and decision-support algorithms the PGxLab facilitates the translation of their findings into clinical practice. The PGxLab also supports and provides education, training and research to undergraduate and graduate students, preclinical and clinical researchers and is very active in raising awareness on pharmacogenetics and personalized treatment among health care professionals, patients and general public. It has extensive clinical and research collaborations nationally and internationally. UL represented by PGxLab was also a partner in the Horizon 2020 project U-PGx.

Role within SafePolyMed

In WP5 of the SafePolyMed project, UL represented by PGxLab will participate in the pilot multi-center clinical study “Empowering Patient to Improve Safety in Polymedication” (EmPaSafe). Well characterized polypharmacy patients will be recruited at collaborating primary healthcare and psychiatry institutions and followed up by the PGxLab. PGxLab has a long-standing collaboration with the other Slovenian partner, Gospodar zdravja, that will ensure ICT solutions for this pilot clinical trial.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. dr. Vita Dolžan, MD PhD
Prof. dr. Vita Dolžan, MD PhD

Team Leader UL

Photo of Tanja Blagus, BSc, Doctoral candidate
Tanja Blagus, BSc, Doctoral candidate

Organizational Management

Photo of Katja Goričar
Katja Goričar

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of David Vogrinc
David Vogrinc

PhD student