Towards Safer Drug Treatment
and Enhanced Patient Empowerment

First Progress Meeting of SafePolyMed Held in Athens, Greece

The first Progress Meeting of the SafePolyMed project was held on May 11-12 at the Palmyra Beach Hotel in Athens.

To ensure widespread participation and allow partners who could not attend in person to join remotely, the meeting was organised as a hybrid event. Particularly during the lively group discussions, this proved to be a success.

A thought-provoking presentation on Machine Learning by Alexandros Kanterakis from FORTH kicked off the meeting. The insights into current developments and future challenges within the field were precious for participants, as they set the backdrop for further presentations and discussions on SafePolyMed’s utilisation of large-scale data.

All partners gave updates on the current status of their work packages and presented the progress made since the project’s start. This was followed by group discussions addressing possible challenges and decisions on the following steps. Discussions were continued over dinner at the hotel restaurant, which offered traditional and modern Greek cuisine. On the second day, the meeting focused on (re-)addressing essential issues to be discussed with the consortium.

Participants left inspired and motivated and are now looking forward to the next face-to-face meeting, which will take place this November in Munich!


Impressions from the SafePolyMed Progress Meeting in Athens, Greece.